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The King of Insulator

Instantaneous sonic impact and response management

Our dominant market positioning in insulator market is realized on the back of the unique "teeth and gums" mechanism, an unrivaled knowhow accumulated overtime on thorough management of directionality of material vibrancy and the micron level high precision product designing and manufacturing technology.

Our insulators employ the two piece structure-where a top "concave" piece sits on top of the bottom "convex" piece at a single point of contact, as shown in the below diagram. Each of both pieces consists of two parts: mother base and pivot element. Solder is infilled between these brass parts, keeping the brass parts isolated to each other while cushioned by solder pool. The convex and concave form the point of contact. We call this unique mechanism, the "teeth and gums" mechanism, inspired by teeth and gum structure of living creatures.

This unique mechanism realizes instantaneous sonic impact absorption and responsiveness.

The two-piece structure requires delicate micron level product designing and manufacturing technology

All floors and bottom surfaces of any audio equipment and speakers are, strictly speaking, not flat and leveled, while they may appear so.

We attack this problem by designing and manufacturing insulators at micron level precision, with careful consideration on the weight distribution and the center of gravity positioning of each insulator piece.

In this structure, the aimed performance cannot be achieved unless the point of contact of two pieces (top and bottom) of insulators are "perfected," meaning that the point of contact of top and bottom piece is bridged perfectly at the dead center. Otherwise, two pieces that are in direct contact with equipment and floor cannot correctly "catch and release" sonic impact.

This design is double-edged sword, incurring high risk of performance degradation unless designed and manufactured precisely.

Musical energy is converged at a single point and then released in all-direction

In considering practicality and usability of our insulator, we had to also engineer the "perfect" point of contact between equipments (or floors) and each piece of insulators so that each piece adequately pause in a position while leaving convex and concave pivot elements loose enough for them to slide (arch marked in red).

We found the "perfect arch" thru a meticulous trial-and-error approach from a numerous combinations of possible shapes.

Thus the true merit of the two-piece structure is unleashed only when the sonic energy is received at a single point and then released in all-direction from a single point.

The difference between musical "timbre" and material-originated "ring"

We are aware that there are many insulators in the market that talks big on performance enhancement at very limited scope of input sources, that is based on the "ring" that originates from material intrinsic properties. These insulators are selective on input source. Such insulators do not require delicate design because, ultimately, simply laying out the piece of that particular material will do the job.

Meanwhile, on contrary to these insulators that rely on uncontrolled and unnecessary "ring" that results from material intrinsic property and poor structural designing, our Rosenkranz insulators are all mighty. They, instead, "resonate" in timely, flexibly and adequately fashion, regardless of types of input.

And when we say "resonate," we define the "resonance" as the sonic vibration in a state that retains the coherency of overtone structure while strictly retaining the timber of instruments (or voices), where we define the "timbre" as the combination of overtone structure that is unique to instrument (or voices).

PB-BIG/type2, our ideal insulator

Rosenkranz insulators can effortlessly express high musicality regardless of type of music so that listeners can always experience a sympathy or spiritual convergence with the music played.

It is our belief that the ideal insulators should meet the same level of artistic expectations and instantaneous responsiveness that professional musicians demand on their state-of-the-art musical instruments.

Our new product, PB-BIG/type2, has finally achieved this ideal.

Insulator & Accessory

The land mark, best seller spike receiver insulator
H 11.67mm φ35mm

The ease-of-use one-piece type and yet realizing the "teeth and gum" mechanism. Unexperienced musicality energy and musical expression of pure, turbid, aged and youth.
H 23,7mm φ35mm

·PB-REX type4
The 4th generation of the milestone model that lifted Rosenkranz to the pinnacle brand in the world.
H 20.33mm φ35mm

·PB-BIG type2
The King of Insulator Insulator for heavy weight speakers and equipment
H 33.8mm φ50.7mm

Exceptionally high-end insulator for incommensurable high performance.
H 24.84mm φ72.74mm

·CD Stabilizer/STB-7
The version up model of the big hit STB-5-The improvement of sound quality and musicality may worth more than $10,000 range equipments. Not applicable for V.R.D.S mechanism, throttle-in type and PC optical drives.

·Kaiser Gauge
Measurement ruler to visualize invisible "sweet spots" of music for equipment settings.

·CD sound enhancer dish/Sehyo onkyo
Placing a CD for 1~2 minutes on Imari ceramics dish drastically enhances music quality.

·Stagnant vibration discharge fin/Hummingbird
This item liberates stagnant unnecessary vibrations into air. Works for small~large size speakers. Experience the new ways of music coming out of speaker.

·Speaker Attachment/SP-AT[Maximum]
Enhances the connectivity of the sound between speaker units. Clearer cut off leading to energy enhancement . Beautiful harmonics and harmonies are achieved.