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What makes Rosenkranz sound unique?

Our customers often tell us...

"While upgrading audio equipments do enhance sound quality, bit by bit, musicality seems to wear away..."

"Adding Rosenkranz products always lift mere sound a step closer to music!"

What do these voices from customers imply?

Very simple-We get the essence of music right.

Our products strike the very heart and soul of music.

We adhere rigidly to our company manifesto that reads as follows:

"We strive to explore, endeavor and apprehend what constitutes the core, profoundness, depth and heart & soul of music."

While technology or style trends may sway from time to time, our value and virtue remain perpetual, pointing at the true north.

This differentiates us from others.

Our products are sound designed by closely listening to the musicality, the very heart and soul that it divines, as a reference, instead of, mere "sound."

Thus we cannot tolerate electric measurement devices to be the final judge of music.

Those audio equipments that overlook the essence of music tend to deliver uneven performances,
creating strength and weakness depending on source types.
For instance, some equipments may excel in playing back modern high definition recordings but very weak in playing back 50's and 60's recordings.

Our belief is that, instead, the musicality should be able to be extracted independent of sources, be it a vintage recording or a modern high definition recording. The "sound quality" and "level of musicality" of audio equipment should always be linked.

All Rosenkranz products are delicately designed to deliver and unlock the true musicality from your music library, independent of recording type, genre.

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